Cape Town’s Premier Head Lice Removal Company

I have been making use of Sherise Feldman’s services with regards to the checking for and treatment of nits and lice since she started. I cannot speak highly enough of the service she offers. I have found her treatments extremely thorough with a very successful outcome each time. Sherise is knowledgeable with regards to the service she offers and knows exactly what to look for and the treatment required. She will follow up thereafter and if one follows her suggestions in how many times one needs treatments and listens to her , the nits/lice issue is resolved. I think that it is imperative to have and make use of the service she offers both privately and by the schools as most of us have no idea what we are doing ,or just don’t bother to even do anything and therefore the problem of lice keeps reoccurring. It is the only solution for me personally and I cannot recommend her service she offers enough . I always feel confident that once we have been to her the problem is resolved.There is no one else that is as competent and capable to deal with this continual problem of nits and lice.

When my daughter came home from school thoroughly infested with nits I called Lice Free in a complete panic over a weekend, once I discovered it was too widespread to remove myself.  Sherise immediately arranged for someone to come remove the nits (and a few lice) on the Sunday afternoon, allowing her to go back to school on the Monday. Sherise also reassured me and advised me on how to attend to my household linen, furniture etc and how to perform comb outs myself between treatments.  The Lice Free staff are extremely competent, professional and friendly and are available whenever you need them. My daughter had four treatments over two weeks and is now completely nit and lice free. I have been given advice for follow up treatment which I will be sure to stick to.  Sherise and her Lice Free staff have made an unpleasant experience extremely bearable and there is a 100% guarantee that next time a nit is spotted we are heading straight for Lice Free to sort it out!