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About Us

The idea to start my own lice company came to me three years ago, when my 4yr old daughter got lice. I was beside myself, never having experienced such an infestation. All I knew were myths and I had no action plan at all. Having a family member contract lice is not life-threatening, but it can throw anyones’s house into turmoil. Like any parent would, I panicked. I tried everything, including toxic over-the counter products, anything to take care of the problem, but to no avail. I then realised there must be a safer, natural and more effective way to treat lice. So I began my research and learning. Two years later LiceFree was born. We are taking our learning and research and expertise and using it to help other concerned parents by educating them and eradicating lice for good from hair to house.

LiceFree is Cape Town’s premier head lice removal company. We offer an in-home service dedicated to getting you and your family lice and nit free in a safe and healthy way. LiceFree will take care of all your head lice needs. From lice treatment and lice removal, to answering questions via email or telephone. LiceFree are here to get you and your family on your way to a lice free lifestyle!

Why are we the best!
• Safe – No chemicals
• Fast
• Flexible
• Convenient

LiceFree Franchises:

LiceFree is seeking qualified people who want to join our mission to provide families across the country a safe and effective solution to an age-old problem: head lice. Our lice removal franchise program –is an incredible opportunity to bring our specialized lice removal technique, all-natural products and family-focused philosophy to more customers across the country.

Become part of our team and provide a much-needed solution to your community, while owning and growing your own business. You can do it all with the full support of our committed, dedicated franchise family!